ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! Get your unique music mask here! Made of 2 layers of 100% premium quilting cotton and 1 layer of non-woven polyester Pellon interface, this breathable, reusable, washable, reversible, and stylish face mask will surely be a great addition to your personal protection against COVID-19. Don’t forget to practice social distancing and frequent hand washing as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Mask is meticulously double-stitched with solid color backing. Materials: quilting cotton fabrics, Pellon 100% non-woven polyester interface, aluminum nose clip, 1/8 inch diameter ear loop elastic with silicone adjusters, Gutermann polyester thread. Handmade with love. Contact me to customize your order! $10 each.  Part of proceeds will be donated to SD Humane Society.


Registration Fee for Studio Recitals

Flat fee for all studio events.


A. Forgot your checkbook? In order not to incur a late fee, tuition must be paid on the first lesson of the month. A late fee of $15 is assessed if payment is not submitted on the 10th of the month.


Venmo and Apple Pay payments also accepted. Ask me for details.

B. Trial Lessons can be given at one time, and are charged accordingly. These lessons include a free interview and audition. If interested, contact me using the contact form and send payment via PayPal to guarantee a spot for a trial lesson and audition-interview.

a. 30 minutes – $38

b. 45 minutes- $55

c. 1 hour- $75

C. Sheet Music and Books. Check the RCM bookstore for discounts and promotions!